About Us


Who we are

CIAC is an international subsidiary of Canadian Operation called FAMC.  FAMC was founded in Canada in 2004 by an elementary school teacher who earned an award of achievement for Excellence in Early Childhood Education from Prime Minster of Canada, Justin Trudeau, in 2015. 

Our attention is focused on providing an educational experience that would be a positive influence on students’ lives and helping them build a solid framework to be used in all aspects of their lives.  CIAC is a provider of premier education service to the families in the community and is proud to be a part of today’s educational system.


What we do

Promoting the healthy development of all children and students, in addition to enabling them to reach their full potential, is a priority for CIAC. We maintain an important role in endorsing the well-being of children by creating, fostering, and sustaining a learning environment that is healthy, caring, safe, inclusive, and accepting.

We also value students’ passion for learning and their fascination and relationship to their environment. We strive to provide programs designed to stimulate, encourage and care for the needs of your child, as an individual, within a warm, secure and loving educational environment. A learning environment of this kind will support, not only your child’s cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development but also, your child’s mental health, resilience, and overall well-being. This environment will provide your child with an opportunity to achieve academic, intellectual, emotional, physical, spiritual and psychological growth, and full potential in school and in life.


Our Mission

CIAC is an outstanding school providing exceptional educational service to the society. We are a team of professionals devoted to the following mission statement:

“To provide students with high quality educational environment, while respecting the child/parent socio-cultural perspective, to enable students to develop intellectual, physical, social, and academic framework for success socially, within a family relationship, and a future career path.” 

To fulfill this mission, CIAC offers:

  • a positive environment where the exceptional needs of each student are recognized and cared for;
  • individual classrooms for each age group with security, safety and cleanliness in mind;
  • innovative Canadian curriculum for each age-specific classroom developed and implemented by a professional team; and
  • carefully designed and selected educational technology and equipment to enhance students’ learning.


Our Guiding and Caring Philosophy

 At CIAC, we believe it is every student’s right to feel personally safe, secure, appreciated and respected.  He or she is entitled to have an opportunity to learn, grow and develop to his or her own potential in an environment providing encouragement and support.

To accomplish our philosophy, CIAC:

  • offers to be a role model for positive behavior;
  • assists students to solve their own problems and to take responsibility for their own behavior;
  • enables students to demonstrate respect for self and others;
  • allows students to experience limits in a positive manner; and
  • practices with students to receive teacher’s effective redirection.


Our goals and Objectives

 Childhood is precious.  Not only are the early years of a child’s life an important part of personality development and behavioral patterns, we believe the years after the early years offer an importantly contribution to the success of the child socially, within a family relationship, and a future career path.

      Our curriculum is carefully and thoughtfully designed to:

  • inspire a life-long love of learning;
  • encourage exploration, discovery and creativity  through open-ended experiences;
  • build self-help and self-learning skills;
  • promote sharing and cooperation;
  • stimulate intellectual creativity;
  • build a solid academic framework; and
  • facilitate a successful educational, family relation, social and career path.


Our Educators

 Young children are learning to develop into independent learners. By providing support, CIAC educators facilitate this development by allowing children to build up self-assessment skills. With this kind of support, children learn to identify for themselves what they need to become self-learners.

We understand that you, as a parent, deserve to have the best, and we keep our standards high to meet your expectations with our professional team of educators. At CIAC, our educators have positive mental attitudes, innovative personalities, up-to-date knowledge, and most importantly, are responsive to your child's individual needs.

Our educators hold variety of educational certifications, and keep up with professional development mandates, to continually enhance their skills and knowledge.