We support young children to make positive choices that enhance their personal, physical, mental and spiritual health.


We encourage students to actively participate in process of learning while supporting them to become independent learners.


We help young children to reach their full potentials, and develop fundamental skills to become successful in their future career paths.

Welcome to CIAC

Today students are tomorrow's Leaders.

Canadian International Academy Cambodia (CIAC) is a Canadian based education school that focuses on supporting students’ developmental stages in order for students to reach their full potentials.  At CIAC students develop knowledge and skills required to build a foundation for successful future.  CIAC offers innovative Canadian educational curriculum to students by designing its programs based on the individual need of each students.

We provide a variety of age-appropriate experiences and programs while nurturing, love and compassion for your child.

More About Us

Our Curriculum

Our educators hold variety of educational certifications, and keep up with professional
development mandates, to continually enhance their skills and knowledge.  

Foreign Languages

We help students to communicate in different language enabling them to participate effectively in the workplace giving them a distinct advantage in a number of careers, both in Cambodia and internationally.


Mathematics is a powerful learning tool. As students understand the relationship between the mathematics and day-to-day life, they are enabled to use mathematics in other curriculum areas, including science, music, and language.

Science and Technology

As one of the most important objectives throughout the world, this program helps students to understand the relationship between the nature and human-designed worlds, and develop the skills and knowledge they need to connect to nature responsibly.

Fine Arts

When a child is totally engaged in an arts activity his/her brain is on, driven by the artistic and emotional necessity to express, create sense, and represent what matters.

Social Studies, History and Geography

Provide children with sense of identity, time, and place, and allow students to follow a concept of structured thinking.

Health and Physical Education

We provide a balanced health and Physical education to help students for better academic achievement, concentration, classroom behavior, and more focused learning.

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